独・ベルリン 国際陸水学会でMLGsの活動を発表しました

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Hello, I am Marina Hata from Ritsumeikan University.

This article will be based on the International Society of Limnology (SIL100) which happened in Berlin, Germany from August 7 to 10.
Due to the pandemic, Korea hosted the previous one online, but except for the e-Poster session, all program was held onsite at Hotel Berlin, Berlin.

公式HP/Official HP>>>

会場であるホテルベルリン/ Reception, Hotel Berlin.



The opening ceremony and opening reception were held on the first day, the 7th, providing an opportunity for participants from many countries to interact with each other. The event was a lively and fresh atmosphere from start to finish, with participants from Germany: the host country, Switzerland, France, the U.S., the U.K., South Korea, Brazil, Spain, and many other countries studying the category.

ウェルカムレセプション時に振る舞われたケーキ/ Cake from welcome reception.

プラスチック、ミジンコ、水質などの研究および調査内容、陸水学を学ぶ大学院生の論文内容など、数々のトピックが各セッションに分かれて実施され、会場のロビーには常に多くの人が意見交換を楽しんでいました。日本人参加者の中には、オンラインプレゼンテーションで小学生も参加していました。琵琶湖にまつわる発表やMLGsのプレゼンテーションを現地参加者が興味深く聞いていたことが印象的でした。実際に具体的な実験や湖上調査をしている生徒・学生が発表しており、他国の参加者とは異なる年齢層だったと感じました。9日には、Limnology Nightと称された晩餐会が開かれ、閉会日直前での最後の全体意見交流が盛んに行われていました。

From the 8th to the 10th, sessions were divided into various categories, workshops by organizers and participants, and lectures were the main events.
Many topics were covered in one day in many sessions, such as research and investigations on plastics, daphnia magna, water quality, etc., and thesis contents of graduate students studying land and water science, and many people always enjoyed exchanging opinions in
the lobby of the venue. Among the participants from Japan, elementary school students also participated in the online presentations, and it was impressive that local participants listened with great interest to the presentations related to Lake Biwa and the MLGs.
The presentations were given by students and pupils who are actually conducting specific experiments and surveys on the lake, and I feel that this was an age group that did not come from other countries. On the 9th, a dinner party called Limnology Night was held, and the last general exchange of opinions just before the closing day was very active.

e-Posterセッション時の様子/ During the e-Poster session.
Limnology Nightの様子/ During the Limnology Night.

参加セッションについて/Session that we joined

今回参加したセッションは、最終日の8月10日に行われた「Open Dialogue on world water issues and solutions across generations」です。日本、シンガポール、ドイツ、イギリスから計7名がプレゼンテーションに参加しました。


The session we participated in was on the final day, August 10th with the theme of “Open Dialogue on world water issues and solutions across generations.”

About the session
Due to the rapid changes in society and global climate, we urgently need to prepare for near-term future risks, including severe ecosystem degradation as well as natural catastrophes. In this session, we are calling for young people (such as high school or university students) to join us and have the opportunity to openly discuss with senior scientists how and what we can do to contribute to saving our hydrosphere and its associated biodiversity and ecosystem services. Presentations referring to diverse global water issues and solutions are welcome. We will cover diverse problems including micro-plastic pollution, endangered species, eutrophication, floods, and water shortages. The session will include talks on ideas about potential solutions to these problems, towards the overall objective of keeping our planet safe for future generations. (Retrieved from SIL 100 HP)>


The team that traveled mainly to Biwako Trust, Japan consisted of six members (two session organizers, one graduate student, one undergraduate student, one high school student, and one junior high school student), each of whom presented a wide variety of topics. You can see the comments, impressions, and content of their presentations.

(出典:Hotel Berlin, Berlin)発表を行った会場の様子/ Room that we presented.

立命館大学客員教授 びわ湖トラスト 熊谷道夫 先生
アルバータ大学 君付龍祐さん

”Open dialogue on world water issues and solutions across generations”は、予想を超えて好評だったようです。様々な人々から好意的なメッセージを受け取っています。これも、畠さんをはじめとして、この企画に参加してくれた日本若者チームの活躍のおかげだと思っています。強い意志を持った若者たちが育つことを期待しています。

Really great to see you in Berlin and to meet the other members of Young-Team-Japan! Riku san must be the youngest limnologist to ever present an oral paper in 100 years of SIL (Prof. Warwick Vincent).
This would make a great item on social media, possibly also on SILnews! (Dr. Tamar Zohary)

立命館大学大学院D3 藤井康之さん


In this time, I presented “cellphone-based monitoring application for blue green algae” and “water quality monitoring system by autonomous robots”: have been studied with Dr. Michio Kumagai who organized the session.
Since it had been a long time since I joined the on-site conference, I was nervous about my presentation but I was so happy to be there.

Q. 今回の発表内容をどのように活かしていきたいですか。How would you like to develop from this presentation?

A. 普段は工学の研究発表しか聴かないですが、今回の学会発表では、陸水学に関するテーマに触れることができました。今回、得た新たな知見をもとに新しい研究テーマを発掘したいです。

I usually attend only engineering conferences, but this time I was able to participate in the limnology conference. I’d like to discover new topics based on the knowledge which I could obtain from the conference.

立命館守山高校3年 君付茉優さん


I talked about the abundance and composition of micro-plastics in Lake Biwa. It is a great honor to be able to give a presentation at the International Conference.I was able to spend a meaningful time receiving a lot of valuable opinions during the presentation.I really like to thank all the staff who supported me.

Q. これまで3年間調査をしたとのことでしたが、興味を持ったきっかけはなんですか。You have been doing research for three years so far, what sparked your interest?


It is when I heard the news that micro-plastics are present in Lake Biwa, and I really wanted to see them with my own eyes.

京都府立洛北中学校3年 森本莉久さん


This time I gave a presentation on the relationship between zooplankton and dissolved oxygen concentration at the bottom of Lake Biwa. There were many things I didn’t understand, tBecause this is my first time to go abroad and attend the international conference. I’d like to appreciate for many people to the support. I had valuable experiences at the conference. I will keep trying my best.

Q. ミジンコの研究を進める中で、高校生、大学生に向けた展望や夢はなんですか。
What is your future plans and dreams through your research in terms of Daphnia?

A. これまで調査を継続しようと思いながらも調査方法の改良を行ったことで結果を比較できず、データが少ないという欠点があったので今の研究を引き続き行うと共に、新しく出てくる疑問について調べていきたいと考えています。

I couldn’t compare the results up to 2 years ago because I changed the survey method. So I want to continue the research and study about the new questions.


(左から) 藤井さん(Mr. Fujii)、君付茉優さん(Ms. Mayu K)、森本さん(Mr. Morimoto)、畠(Ms. Hata)、君付龍祐さん(Mr. Ryusuke K)

私は、MLGs案内人(一般社団法人インパクトラボ 理事)として昨年行った「MLGs Global Meeting」の全3回のワークショップを中心に、どのような思いで滋賀県の皆さんが学生や生徒など若い世代と交流されているのか、という市民参加の様子に加えて、MLGsのロゴカラーやロゴの形に関する由来などもお話しました。

I presented on the three workshops of the MLGs Global Meeting that my team conducted last year as an MLGs guide (Impact Lab board member), focusing on how the people of Shiga Prefecture are interacting with students and other people of all ages, and how they are participating as citizens. Also, I shared the origins of MLGs and how young generation has the huge impact to Shiga.

<リンクより全ての参加者による発表のアブストラクトがご覧いただけます / You can read the whole abstracts written by all presenters here:

編集後記/Editorial Postscript


Two years later, in 2024, SIL will be held in Brazil.
I wish all the members who traveled with me from Japan continued success in their endeavors.
Finally, I would like to thank all those who participated in the workshop and those who have supported to go in such a special place to give the presentation.

(出典:SIL 100 ホームページ